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To set your organization apart from the crowd requires individual identity for your on-line and off-line marketing. Your corporate identity of logo design and other graphic design is often what makes the first and lasting impression of your organization. Nothing can have a more fundamental impact on your business than an expert, professional corporate identity and logo design. Corporate Identity is one of the most important and fundamental components in overall success of your online presentation; it is a key element for the consumer to identify what you trying to promote. Corporate identity is what makes a company special and unique.

Having your
Corporate Identity on all the products that belong to your Company would signify who you are, what you offer and exactly what you stand for. Once our designers are done designing and executing your Corporate Identity material correctly, Corporate Identity Canada assure you that your clients would recognize the brand of your company instantly. Our corporate identity service is a vibrant, logical process of developing images and effective corporate branding strategies that translate into added value for our clients. As your business grows, branding becomes more and more important.

Corporate Identity package are the perfect way to create the complete corporate image, so vitally important for any business. The Corporate Identity package contains all necessary printer-ready electronic files: logo, standard letterhead, envelope, and business card layout.

Our Corporate identity Canada package includes;

» Web Site Design
» Corporate Logo Design
» Brochure Design
» Visiting Cards
» Label Design
» Letterheads and envelopes layout
» Corporate Presentation